Welcome to Beading.sg

Where are you located?

We're an 100% online store, our warehouse is located in Seremban (80km away from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). By operating our business through online only, we can cut down the operating cost and hence offer our customers at much better price than a brick-and-mortar store. On top of that, our 3 storey-building warehouse (as large as 5000 sq ft) can stock much bigger varieties of jewelry making and craft supplies than any other store as well.

How To Buy?

Place order online using our shopping cart. It's easy and fun to use! Refer detail tutorial HERE. By placing order through our shopping cart, we're able to generate a picking list to pick items from our warehouse in an efficient and accurate manner. We do not accept orders placed Sms, Whatsapp, FB Messenger...etc. 


How long does the delivery take?

It normally takes us less than 1 working day to prepare your goods after receiving your order and payment. Delivery by Aramex will take only 4 to 5 working days. Delivery time is excluding custom delay and weekend.

P/S: We no longer use DHL Service with effective Nov 2016 due to ridiculous price hike.


Are all your products ready stock or pre-order?

All our products are ready stock. However, admittedly keeping store inventory accurately is a feat that not every retailer in the world can manage with current technology, including us. If some goods in your order are out of stock, we will keep you updated by emailing you.


How soon do you replenish the out of stock items?

It depends on date of purchase by our company and varies with products shipping method, MOQ requirement, stock supplier's availability, production and its origin. Therefore we cannot promise the restock date for any products that are out of stock, thanks for your understanding.


How does your pricing work? For example: item XXX sold per pkg of 10 pcs (priced at $3), does it refer to 1 pcs for $3 or 10 pcs for $3?

All our products are sold in a packet, a strand or each (individual). The price listed is refer to either 1 packet or 1 strand or each (individual). In this case, the answer is 10 pcs for $3.


How much is the postage to Singapore?

FREE delivery for order above SGD$50.00, otherwise SGD $9.99 by using Aramex. Refer detail delivery info HERE.


Do you have a minimum order?

There is no minimum order.


How to pay?

Payment can be made by Paypal Account Balance OR Credit Card (Visa/Master). You Do Not need to create an account with Paypal in order to use credit card to make payment. FYI Paypal is the #1 preferred payment gateway service provider, it is very Safe and Reliable.


How do I add or remove item(s) from the order placed?

It is very difficult for us to add or remove item(s) once order has been placed. Our shopping cart system is linked with inventory & accounting system, therefore we do not allow to add or remove item(s). Please review the cart before confirming the order.


Do you offer discount on bulk purchase?

Unfortunately, the price as shown online is our best price can be offered.


Do you offer dropshipping service and can I use your website images?

We DO NOT offer dropshipping service and our images are Strictly NOT allowed to be used commercial purpose.